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Japan Holiday Report!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 7, 2015, 4:42 PM

So as I said come here at last my report on my Japan holiday.
I hope I do not tell too much and not too little and not too boring, we'll see.

So then where do I start best?
The day before takeoff was of course the most exciting view this one has everything at 4 weeks showing indeed want to forget anything. First we went to Hannover by bus to Michi, where everyone else went to Leipziger Bookfair and Lenia and I traveled to Japan XD
the next morning it was time to wait for the Hannover Airport and then on Bernhard to initiate our joint flight to Frankfurt.

When I had my boarding pass was not a dream anymore since really stand JAPAN, I was so unspeakably happy but totally left at the same time, as it is totally normal that I flying there there. but you boarding passes lied not, Hannover - Frankfurt; Frankfurt - Japan! clearly there was even the odd Selfi and the last greetings from Germany. before heading down to our plane arrived at Frankfurt to begin a 11-hour flight approx. eh was only JAPNA we come!
The flight itself was okay but to sleep was hard to think, I just wanted to miss nothing XD well where others tried to sleep I stayed awake and looked out the window from time to time (as far as I could and tried to make a few photos by the way the horizon and the icy landscape below us.
I heard either way music or watched a movie or simply saw the flight indicator to how we fly and how long Japan was still away.

When it was slow in the morning, it was not long when I finally saw the more and soon Japan had in front of me.
breathe deeply first after landing and enjoy Japan air. then we went to the taxi
4 people 4 suitcase 2 cabs later we were in there and drove through Tokyo to our hotel where Lenia and I and our former Selfi made and us out to watched out of the car. it just was not the last we had here were now after such a long time as I was about to fly. was it finally was.
our Hotel in Tokyo was quite small and the rooms but it worked quite well and even that with the shared bathroom was totally okay (men and women separately)
Wi-Fi, there were but it was only really to use in the lobby (next time ne card for Internet arrangements), but it was a nice hotel and to walk on tatami / sleep I wanted anyway times, so finally there was a real futon *. *
after we had parked our stuff we went to a small exploration towards Ueno Park to be there finish the arrival with a few impressions and pictures XD
The breakfast was absolutely delicious, rice, miso, Tamago, fish, tea, etc. and especially rice. I can really ever eat.
Our hotel was not far from Akihabara (Akiba) so we went walking there and around there to look at the flea market, and only to do our shopping. and with our half-Japanese knowledge to work through // u. u
and we were also able to find any extent, Lenia saw by chance an Umineko character and I got myself to think but then Len and Rin ~
and little things were also taken.
We also visited another of a small temple with us around the corner past where we were not the only one who had this idea.
on 15/03/15, it went along with Bernhard and Lenia to HARUCOMICHCITY20, Michi was not there with out so we drove to third only.
oh man I was excited and I hope a lot to see what I saw already that it was sold there Doujinshi - Paradise> // <
was a bit hard to find the entrance and then pay still XD but confused foreigners are helped; ^; and we came purely thanks to a yet more English-speaking man; A;
We walked around until I then always the KHR series fan then yes how could it be otherwise, the D18 fans ... oh yes Jen in paradise XD
God I was excited and just so happy that I went there. later other Doujinshi brought by Free, Haikyuu, KNB, pot (FujiRyoma, FUJI RYOMA * _____ *) Nanatsu no Taizai I found. and since my money XD was gone so quickly that can go but it was worth it! All this great Doujishinis and all these great things and then I met a friend where I had not reckoned with oh man been so great the day.
After the event, there's still ne small Daiba visit since I wanted to see the Fuji TV building had now not up but see The day was beautiful, sunny and great, the little Statue of Liberty was nen small highlight. XDDDD

he next few days were spent shopping. Check if we can find little something for Cosplay! So completely with Cosplay choice I was not. But was also because we did not have time to look around or out came. (How to Ikebukuro -.-)
Since Akiba nominal stone's throw away was walked s just fast times out there (weather does not always so with).
One day we went to Shinjuku first bit Park then look over to Harajuku in the Takeshita - Street run by (full full Harajuku XD) also easy paths looped full, but unfortunately not had time to look at my world and everything there was .... ^^ °
After Harajuku we went running technique to Shibuya to us there to see the great road XD and go over sometimes and to have the feel and examine thence to. I have to return to Shibuya; _; shopping without men and so everything would be better.
and the biggest mistake was going to the Mandarake there ~ there I was immediately very poor when I am researching the Doujinshi, clearly, I also found my Sukitte li na yo artbook I almost gave up to find himself already, but there was a lack to look Doujinshi to what finds Jen? Right! D18 doujinshis! and not only an equal 20 or more!?! Ask XD after I catch even Haikyuu and Free, asking never cost you anything.
I was that day simply turned and think clearly nor could and totally on a spending spree and dear XD noise, I found almost everything I wanted.
Evening we met even with a buddy of Michi to Tobi the a another friend Mike and the two Japanese had in tow, who also led us to a very delicious Japanese restaurant, a small very sweet and delicious especially.
after some initial difficulties with the Japanese to entertain we went but then with half English half japanese somehow.
the food made his further service and we got talking and just a great and fun night and it was very interesting as there the Sake was incorporated. and we dang also came to enjoy there finally to drink our sake. i love sweet Sake ist the best for me!
The evening was simply a great success all over the track and I ate tuna, where at the stuff I really do not really like but this was something of delicious and I said I'll try everything I get and fetch me at least that I say can it tastes good or not. and I have tried everything. the fry up, even though I do not know what for which they were XD
but I would like to repeat such an evening and so happy to go there again to eat when I'm back in Japan.
Tokyo was a single experience, unfortunately, only too short, and everything.
Have a nice day we spent us to dwell a bit towards Shinjuku and make us from there to the Hama-rilkyu-garden on. and there just once let your mind wander, who was park pretty and yet spacious and I was amazed at the many ravens there. Later on we went from there to Tokyo Tower (which we unfortunately not climbed, come next time what may)
However, we have there also can make beautiful pictures and when it is so beautifully lit up, it is also great.
In the evening we met at Midtower with Tobi again and walked together in a karaoke bar. Why were Lenia and I always depose with the people who spoke only English when? XD So we went half English half japanese and again in the discussions and in the karaoke bar ... Where it was really hard to find, unfortunately, since I forgot everything; A; and I can not memorize at least 1-2 songs but somehow did not want that so *cry*
The last Saturday in Tokyo we went to Anime Japan where Lenia and I threw us in Rin and Haru from Fruits Basket. I think that would be better KHR Jumpsuits certain. nyo can not be changed.
The Conventuen was interesting it was just mainly about anime and just few Merch this and it was totally full we had to go in the long wait but it is so full was really wow. The Cosplay Arena was quite small but just interesting to see how it so Japanese event going on there. and is far for an event that I thought it was okay. there's potential I think.
Unfortunately it was too cold we still went to the amusement park so we went in the evening then with warmer clothes only to Asakusa - Shrine to take some pictures there. Sunday we went it again to Harajuku where we went to the Meiji-Jingu, then to City Hall, where Lenia and I then said goodbye to the guys and we cheer eighth theater towards AiiA and watch us Naruto Stage Play what was later just so superhot simply a great success and just so the wow effect *. * I never alongside some it is like so and how you can make a lot of story together. I hope that I in such a pleasure to come again and a Stage Play can look again.
After the event, we got us a first at Starbucks After Flash cocoa XD
to us to acclimatize there something and then to seek food on the way to us to look for a restaurant, we then from the 3rd Hokage of Sasuke in tow had listen "Thank you for comming" as first so huh and then Naruto and then so ahhh * __ * I barrel not to have seen the, there were others doing x3 ~ Oh that was great actually wanted to eat sushi but found nothing that appealed to us so there was then Curry for us x3 ~
and mega flashed back to the hotel.
the Nakano Broadway shopping area was also reviewed by us, and then we met in Akiba purely accidental nor friends of Lenia where we. One evening then also again eat everything together were unfortunately too short, we need and we'll see so
Unfortunately, the time in Tokyo went schnller to when we wanted uu
and unfortunately we had some plans set in the sand and move them to another time, so spend more time in Tokyo next time uu
but Tokyo has been very exciting and absolutely beautiful!

Well we went to Minakami to Takaragawa Onsen where we were housed in a beautiful large ryokan, where we also met Tobi again.
the food was defying many mushrooms very tasty, I just tried everything even if I do not like mushrooms but some were really edible but still very much a dyed in the wool Ryokan meal with meat, fish and Seefood you have to tell everybody x3 ~
Our room was also meant absolutely beautiful huge about 10 people I think ~ quite an experience. In addition, we also had on the way there snowfall.
The onsen itself was absolutely beautiful through the snow-chilled Although one or two Pools something, but we still all used were mixed pool. The snow fell and the next morning we saw a white landscape a magnificent snow landscape with Onsen. it was gorgeous in the Onsen to recover and to have the snow around them and these fall down on to read.
Breakfast was great. The Onsen was a great experience that I can recommend to everyone sometimes wenns warmer with snow has just also something.
you could just nice to switch off and everything.
the next morning we went on Minakami to Kanazawa. Our little stop before we went to Osaka.
Kanazawa is not large but still worth seeing, it offered us a beautiful park and small things to visit, as well as the Tea quater and ninja / samurai quarter which was beautiful to look at with its old buildings as one would imagine it.

Let My conclusion of Kanazawa a small town and for a short trip worth seeing and just hang out and easy to enjoy the landscape. The mountains to look in the distance and so on. just not to believe that one is in such a beautiful country.
but now broke our last 2 weeks in Osaka where Bernhard and formerly had of leaving. So there was something Bernhard program. Since the first day was a little rainy, we went to the aquarium where we had initialy long queue and rainy holiday. but eventually you come here often yes. Unfortunately it was very neat to make full pictures and motivation was just not that there is therefore only little on the phone. my Haru feels were totally in aufruhe I saw friends * Dolphins * and they came swimming up the full up I could see good * small Jen in Haru feels small and Lenia in Sousuke feels XD * YesYes of Wallhai turns his round and Rin was lazy on the ground XDDD ~
I liked so much the jellyfish, which were very nice to look at.
the Osaka Castel was also still beautiful visit and with me came again feels highly simple story and everything and so ~ came there full cost to mine and because I was too stupid to wait for the elevator, I ran up the stairs and before visited the beautiful view on Osaka from there. The weather had us also the day something better.
one day we met Maria who lives there and went together Okonomiyaki eat, finally a real okonomiyaki that in Berlin I can not recommend I was afraid that it does not taste good after I was there once and was very skeptical that tasted me but I was taught something better if you want to eat what real try it in the country itself> !!!!!
and it was sooooo yummy ~

One day we went to fourth still na Kyoto, where we first went to the Nijo Castel u // u
Then went to the Inari Shrine. Tori Tori Tori * ______________________ *
Finally to go himself through the whole Tori and to see it not only in movies * I need only think of the Geisha * we have gone completely to the top and the view was simply breathtaking a so great view of Kyoto and as yet so wonderful sunset. I would smooth climb again there.
I'm just overwhelmed by the Toris what one has created there and how that can affect you imagine not. Simply warm the whole.
Unfortunately Bernhard had yes and soon left which was very sad but not to change. The next few days were spent with some shopping and by constantly against.
Once are Lenia and I even went to eat sushi and it was something of yummy *. * At last I could say sushi, sake in Japan eaten not only here in Germany.

Then there was "My Day" there. This was absolutely beautiful and would like to thank the gifts> / <little Jen is still happy That I have all ~
I feire yes Birthdays no longer so for me it was a day of peace where I was a year older again. But I still wanted to do something on that day and so we went to the zoo where Tenoji us the weather from his best side show and complained so beautiful sun. How could it not take us to eat ice cream, it offered just in the heat of. In an e stayed it were not then but two XD
Later in the evening we went for Lenia and me into Maidcafe. For Michi that was nothing.
The Maidcafe was just great and have helped and with mediocre English and Japanese, and even understood the Japanese, we had good and Hiyori just totally sweet and simple strives to be a good maid and she was just so cute to take.
I even got a birthday cake; A; Matcha cake absolutely delicious ahhhhhhhh ..... alone the Omreis for I would kill the just was something of heavenly. Even if the price was right Maidcafe intense it has nevertheless been worthwhile and would do it again when I'm there because it is simply a "must have".
But even such a beautiful day comes eventually to an end.
The days in Osaka slowly but bowed certainly the end of the file next to a couple of shopping trips and try to look no kimonos and buying went there a day on a big Hanami, the cherry blossoms in Osaka Castel who were there then also a bit more as in Tokyo lutten to attend. We met Maria again. and with it the German Japanische French society organized the Hanami. after initial reluctance we went but the entertaining and it was but quickly started talking about all sorts of things and it was fun to talk in English, German and Japanese at the same time, and people know that sometimes even in Germany were and general way.
The Hanami was great even when it later became very active kind, but it was fun.
Thanks to all who were there and with whom one could talk of the day was just very funny!

Kyoto we visited again and then took the bus in direction silver temple (Ginkakuji Temple), had indeed heard only much from gold and wanted to prefer the silver and despite quite unsightly weather was cloudy so we still got to see beautiful scenery and could make beautiful pictures.
then walked towards Kiyomizudera even if there is a part was cordoned off and closed to the public, we had just wanted the great view enjoy and it was quite well on the way. the weather was cloudy and stop only then we started again slowly on the way back to Osaka.
Kyoto is simply something of worth seeing and it is not enough time to go there 1-2 days because it has been 3-4 times day stay and then just pull through against. This is also done the next time then.
Generally, Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto by bike would be totally cool ~
gave in Osaka then call girls tag along with Anja x3 ~ and we made a little unsure Osaka threes.
The Umeda Sky BLDG made Lenia and I was still unsure as Michi in Nara at the wedding.
Osaka main train station is just mega large. And to get from there to the Sky BLDG was nen act but one further helped us x3 ~
From the top you had such a beautiful view of Osaka and everything, even if the weather was not too nice and it was windy up there liked it very worthwhile to drive up there. you can turn off and just let the last few days on and look forward to a beautiful city.
I went sometimes alone in the evening also to let off off the simple fact of something good and if I also enjoy working in Tokyo, but there was something serious somehow oO "
In my next vacation to Japan, I will do there, I'm just running around a male wants to explore all the area and get to know.
Unfortunately, making such tours a very poor whom one also finds a Sukitte li na yo limited box * Bookoff goodness * and then Mangas of Naduki Koujima **

Osaka is a great city offers a lot which had unfortunately not managed all seen probably because just the two museum I wanted to see in Tokyo and Osaka both have been renovated and were not accessible. But then rescheduled so as many others.
but at some point then went to Airport 4 week vacation and with two bags 23 kg.
On the plane I have but then tears Lassee over the departure because I just left my love and simply could not see anything, it was a totally nice holiday with ups and downs. but now it was time to say goodbye and to say byebye to Japan next time.

My conclusion from the holidays.
A country like I've never erlebet and there are just too much to end corners and you just can not all managed just called again to come back and not only once !!!

The holiday was with ups and deep composite but still very nice and I like the time there not to miss too much taken away from there and I know what I love about Japan and what I miss. Just too much I never get itchy feet ehr as if my heart would have stayed there. I liked already always Asia, Japan has for years then more and more crystallized out simply because the country and its people (the Anime / Aanga came later added correctly). Asia fascinated me and I would like so much still to Taiwan and Vietnam that are on my list to Japan spot at the top. But first spend again to Japan and just more time in Tokyo and Kyoto and sometimes by Hokaido and then drive.
Other pages of Japan see. I hope I can do it again and have the wherewithal to because it is not, unfortunately, very low. I'll create the next vacation we take Japan times 2-3 years because now first my apartment in the foreground is the one I think and everything we kind of cosplay I want to make and visit friends times.
 Everything unfortunately associated with a lot of money but is it all.

I hope the little report you liked it

So I'll be closing time!

greats Jen
P.S.: Photos are come in Time after next week x3~

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